A) What is Development?

Task 1: What is development? 

Task 2) Create a photo montage that illustrates your ideas about what, “Development,” means. Consider the following headings as you search for photo’s.

Economic [money], Political [governments], Social [people] and Environmental [ surroundings]

Find suitable photos on the internet and then put them into a single page with the title, “Development is …….. .”

B) Watch the video below.

How do we describe a countries level of development? 

In the past, countries were referred to as being More Economically Developed Countries (MEDC’s) or Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC’s) . The image below shows a possible “development pathway.” We will be looking at this is more detail later in the unit. For now you just need to understand the terms LEDC and MEDC. Have you heard any of the other terms before? OPEC?

Whilst you will still see these terms being used today, we now use a new system to classify countries.  

The World Bank’s Classifications.

The World Bank places countries into one of four groups —

High Income Countries (HIC) | Upper-middle Income Countries (MIC) | Lower-middle Income Countries (MIC) | Low Income Countries (LIC)

The levels are based on a country’s wealth (Gross National Income). The map below shows which income levels different countries are in.

Task 2: Where are the Low Income Countries?

  1. Find Switzerland on the map. What income level does it belong to?
  2. Find three other countries of your choice. Preferably countries that you have a connection to such ones you have lived in or have family members in? Name the countries and note down which income level they are in.
  3. Now look at the lowest income countries. They are coloured dark blue on the map. Name 4 of them including one that is not in Africa.
  4. How many of the low income countries have you heard of? Have you visited any of them? Does this tell us anything about what these countries are like and why they are the poorest countries in the world?


HIC – High Income Country 

MIC – Middle Income Country 

LIC – Low Income Country 

GNI – Gross National Income

GDP – Gross Domestic Product

Task 4:

Work through this worksheet that looks at the idea of what development is in more detail.


Task 5:  Summary: What does a developed country look like?

Complete this worksheet from geographyalltheway.com


B) What is Poverty? 

Children in Kallyanpur, one of the urban slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh.jpg
Children in Kallyanpur, one of the urban slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh. What signs of poverty can you see in this image?

Task 6:

  1. Insert the photograph above into your word document and then label the signs of poverty it shows. Use arrows and text boxes to add labels. 

“Living in extreme poverty means that you don’t have the basic resources you need to survive; such as food, water and shelter. A person is said to be living in extreme poverty if they have less than US$1.90 a day to cover all of their needs.” Oxfam

2. Copy down the definition above. This is the definition of absolute or extreme poverty. 

3. Do you think this is the only form of poverty? Read the article the below and make notes on  poverty in Switzerland? 

Poverty in Switzerland.PNG

4. Explain in your own words how poverty in Switzerland is different from the extreme poverty you described in Question 1. 


5. Where are you in the Global Rich List?Click on the link below. 

Global Rich List banner.PNG

This is one to do with your parents as it is likely that they are the ones who earn the money in your household. 


Task 7: What can we do? The role of charity. 

Use the internet to gather information about a charity that work with people in poverty. Do not just use their own website. Use a range of different sources to get a broader idea of who they are and what they do.

Write a 500 word report describing the charity and what they do;

Your report should include the following.

  • An introduction to the charity.
  • A description of a specific project that they are involved in.
  • Where the project is
  • a map showing the location of the project
  • Why the project is needed?
  • What the project involves
  • How successful it has been.
  • Some relevant photographs that are referred to in your text.
  • 500 words includes headings and the main body of text only. 

Report Honesty Policy:

At the end of the paragraph I would like you to list the websites you obtained your information from. There should be at least three for this assignment.

Do not copy large sections of text from the internet. You may quote short pieces of text from the websites you find. If you do this, make sure to use the correct grammar and state clearly the source of the information. 

How will the essay be marked? 

Your essay will be marked using the rubric below. Read it carefully and use it as a guide to writing your essay. 

Extension) Your ideal future.

Produce a summary of your own personal vision for the future of humanity. This could be done as piece of writing, a collage of pictures, a piece of art work or in any other form that can be displayed in class. You may want to use an example of something taking place today that you think represents the future as you envision it. Alternatively you may wish to discuss a wide range of ideas and hopes that you have.