What are Volcanoes

Making the Floor of the Ocean: Underwater Volcanoes

Mount Kilauea: The most active volcano on earth

The structure of a volcano:

volcano structure.jpg

Here are the worksheets used in class

1) Build a volcano


2) The Volcano worksheets.

Volcanoes worksheet.doc


Here is the Power Point presentation I used in class. You can go through it again at your own speed.

earthquake safety.ppt

What would it be like experience an Earthquake?

Imagine you are at school when an earthquake strikes. What would you do? What could we do to portect ourselves?


Write a diary entry describing the day the earthquake struck?

  • What were you doing before the earthquake struck?

  • What did you see, hear, experience during the earthquake?

  • After the earthquake, what was the damage? What were people doing? How did you feel?

Use a mind map to plan your diary. Think of as many verbs and adjectives as you can that could be used to describe an earthquake?

This excellent E-book has lots of vocabulary to help you produce your diary entry.

Earthquake Mind Maps

Earthquake Mind Map.docx